Peter Loso was one of the first settlers to reach to the St. Joseph area and founded the German settlement deal in August, 1854. He claimed section 9-10 on which the Town of Saint Joseph was platted. Numerous others soon used and the Township was arranged in 1858 covering 81 square mls. Actually called Clinton, St. Joseph received its current name … Read More

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The federal government bought the households and firms that had to be abandoned by Neighborhood people and in 1991 commenced a a number of-12 months cleanup application; in 1999 a condition park opened there. Because the fallout from sexual harassment allegations and also a $ million settlement continues in the Iowa Capitol, state lawmakers … Read More

In testing the potential of the road hydrants it has been demonstrated that from the enterprise part of the town a stream may be thrown as a result of hose, with a correct nozzle hooked up, to the peak of about 110 ft, though with the corner of Nineteenth and Francis streets, among the highest factors within the japanese company limits, a length of… Read More

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